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Choosing the Right Exterior Door to Make your Low Moor, NJ Home Stand Out

There are so many exterior doors that choosing the right one for your Low Moor, NJ home can be difficult. Adding the right door can be one of the best ways to make a statement about your style and improve your curb appeal. Understanding your options can help make your choice easier. Let’s discuss some of those options.

Choose the Right Material

With so many different styles and finishes to choose from, it can be challenging to know which exterior door is right for you. You want something that is not only going to be affordable but is durable as well. An excellent first step toward narrowing down your options is to decide what material will work best for your exterior door.


Wood doors are a classic style that is a go-to for modern Monmouth county homeowners. Who isn’t familiar with the traditional red wood door? You don’t have to worry about having the wrong curb appeal with this classic. Wood is a versatile material, and the options for your exterior door are endless. This material can handle many different design elements. Wood’s versatility allows it to be used with other materials to create different types of designs from arched doors, double doorways, and you can even incorporate glass in an incredible number of ways. Adding iron features can also make a wood door look elegant.


While most people think of antique-style wrought iron when they imagine an iron door, contemporary iron doors offer an incredible amount of versatility. There are several reasons that iron is an ideal material for your exterior door. Since it is the strongest of all of the materials, it offers an incredible amount of security for your Monmouth county home. With this strength comes increased durability, and iron is also surprisingly extremely low maintenance. Unlike some of the other materials, iron can create a nearly unlimited number of design styles, making it an ideal choice for almost every type of home.


Typically glass plays a companion role for most exterior doors. It can complement a range of materials and looks stunning. While traditional exterior doors feature a few small panes of glass on the top or side, modern styles often incorporate oversized glass frames to create an open-air feel. Too much glass also has its downsides. The material is not energy efficient and can cause your door to be drafty. It also poses an obvious security threat. If you value privacy, large glass elements might not be the best choice, although frosted glass can allow you to have the privacy that you crave while also letting in plenty of light.

Fiberglass or Steel

Fiberglass is becoming a more common option. Many New Jersey homeowners are attracted to its more affordable price. It is durable and can be painted to look like wood. It does have some insulating qualities all on its own. Fiberglass is commonly used in combination with steel, making these doors stronger and safe. However, the fiberglass keeps the door light. Style options are much more limited, so if you want extra design elements, this might not be the best option for you.

Choosing the Right Style

Once you have chosen the best material for your exterior door, you will have to pick the right style. With thousands of options, it can be hard to know where to begin. You can narrow down your search by looking for options that best match the style of your house. Most Low Moor, NJ homes fall into one of the three categories.


Modern design elements feature straight lines and clean surfaces. Simplicity is the crucial feature in any modern style door. Simple doesn’t mean without style, though. A modern design emphasizes the natural beauty of a space. These doors typically incorporate glass features that allow natural light to make the entry area feel open, airy, and light.


Traditional style uses design elements that are typically considered classic features which have already proven their timelessness. Traditional style doors usually feature solid materials with ornate embellishments. These tend to include crosses, swirls, arrows, or other similar features. The traditional style gives the area a feel of luxury and isn’t focused on trendiness but longevity.


Contemporary design style grabs a little bit of everything. When you think about any popular trendy style, you are likely picturing a contemporary style design. Contemporary style isn’t limited to current trends, though, as it often uses elements of basically every popular trend that has ever existed. If you want something custom and uniquely one-of-a-kind, then a contemporary style is a perfect fit.

Your exterior door is typically the first thing visitors see when they visit your Monmouth county home. The right front door can have a big impact on that critical first impression. Also, a front door is one of the most essential parts of your house. It protects against the elements and gives structure to your home’s front facade.

All of this means it is vital that you choose the right exterior door for your Low Moor, NJ home. At Iron Door Services, we pride ourselves on helping you make that choice. You can see a full range of Low Moor iron door options by visiting our website at Call us today at 732-546-0355 and let our professional staff help you find an iron door that makes a big impression that will also stand the test of time.

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