1. Sand  blasting

2. Hot  zinc spraying

3. Adjust  door (check the door smooth and straight or  not )  

4. Epoxy  primer( base painting to protect  the steel  of  surface)

5. Putty  filler  ( the first  putty filer and  after 2-3hours to next step)

6. Fine  grinding

7. Twice  epoxy  primer(enhance the corrosion  protection)

8. Putty  filler ( the  second  putty  and  after  3-4hours to next step)

9. The  second  fine grinding

10. Spray black paint  (after  1-2hours to next  step )

11. Trial  assembly  (adjust  door  again and check the crack 、welded junction  or not)

12. The  third  putty  filler (after 3-4 hours to next step )

13. The  third fine  grinding

14. Use  the 320  sand  paper  to  polish  the  surface  and  the  fabric  to clean  up  the  debris

15. The  fourth  putty  filler  (after  3-4 hours  to next  step)

16. The  fourth  fine  grinding

17. Use  the  800  sand  paper  to  polish  the  surface  and  the  fabric  to  clean  up  the  debris

18. Spraying   surface  paint

19. Paint  surface  color(can be stained in different colors as  per customer’s  special requirement)

20. Paint  the  varnish (after  8-12  hours  to next  step and varnish need to be mixed with thinner on  ratio  one  by  one)

21. Use  the  1000 sand  paper  to  polish  the  surface  and  the  fabric  to  clean  up  the  debris

22. Twice  paint  varnish  (after 24 hours )

23. Finished   door

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