Warranties: We Protect Our Products and Our Customers

At Iron Door Services, we proudly offer warranties on all of the wrought iron doors that we design and manufacture. For all of our products, we provide a warranty for 5 years. This includes the iron door structure and mechanical elements. We also provide a 5 year warranty on the finish of the wrought iron door, excluding any installed glass, weather stripping, or the door sweep. If your product is ever in need of repair, we will repair it for you at our discretion. If any products turn out to be defective, we will replace it for you.

All of our warranties begin on the date that you purchased our product. If any of the installation is found out to be faulty in its workmanship, the warranty will be voided at the discretion of the company. 

For any information pertaining to warranty policies, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Warranty Coverages

The products designed, crafted and installed by the team at Iron Door Services are prone to wear and tear. This is especially true of the finish that is used on our iron doors and gates. These finishes tend to age because of their exposure to the elements, although we use finishes that typically stand the test of time and weather for many years. In order to keep your wrought iron doors up to their standards, we suggest using mild soap and water mixture for cleaning. This procedure will help keep your products covered under our warranties. You run the risk of damaging the finish of the iron doors if you use any harsh chemicals or ammonia. 

The warranty on your iron door products shall be voided if:

  • The finish becomes scratched or damaged as the result of pet interference, foreign objects, or chemicals.
  • The iron doors are exposed to temperatures below freezing. This may cause the finish to sweat on the interior of the door.

The products created by Iron Door Services are all uniquely handcrafted and installed. Because of this, some of our designs may need to be modified to ensure that they are strong and long lasting. Our company reserves the right to make minor design adjustments as we see fit. We do this in order to increase the strength and longevity of all of our products.

Legal Disclaimers

All of the warranty claims that are made of our products must be authorized by an official Iron Door Services representative. We have the legal right to inspect any product that is accused of being defective. If a customer does not permit us to do so, this will waive the rights of the customer under our legal warranty guidelines. If any of our products are found to have been cared for inappropriately, mishandled, or made to be unusable by the customer, the warranty shall be null and void. 

Iron Door Services proudly supports our custom door products and our customers. We offer a limited warranty that will cover defective products, and products that are not of the proper standard. In each case, we will provide a fair inspection of the product. We want to make sure that our customers understand that our warranties do not cover all problems that might occur with our products. If you would like any further clarification of our warranty procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 

All warranty policies that are stated herein are expressly in lieu of all other warranties, excluding the ownership title of product. Iron Door Services will not be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages to our products.

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